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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Hackers are very persistent, and the threat for your company is not if I will be hacked but when. We can offer tests such as web application testing and internal and external network testing. The use of real- world testing is key to evaluate the security of your network or application.

You may think it strange that you would want someone to break into your system but, it is really the whole purpose of a pentest. You want to see if it is possible to be breached and how it was done. We can supply a full report of our findings and how we did it

Intricate Security offers a range of different types of penetration testing.

  • Web Application
  • External/Internal Network
  • API
  • Mobile

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Incident Response

When your company is hit with an incident, confusion can set in. What do you do? How could have this happened? I thought we took great security precautions. No one can have a security policy in place that is 100 percent effective. Something is bound to slip up and all you can do is respond.

Intricate Security can help with that response so that you can concentrate on your business. With certified incident response professionals with over 20 years of IT system administration experience and over 5 years of information security expertise we can find and resolve what put a dent in your IT infrastructure.

No matter the size of your company, we can review your logs to find flags and items that can help mitigate the incident and help us put together a report that outlines what happened. With this information we can help you put plans in place to prevent this incident in the future.

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Continuous Monitoring

No matter the size of your business, you can be a victim of cyber criminals. Keeping up with what is happening on your network can show if your security defenses failed to protect you, which can happen.

Products can say they offer threat protection, but they can accumulate so much information that without a trained security professional to weed through the information you may miss something. With the experience we offer to our clients we can accommodate you by sifting through those awe consuming logs and filter out the necessary information that is needed.

Not setup to take in logs to be monitored? We can help with that. We will work with you to setup a SIEM to collect logs from your endpoints, firewalls, and EDR systems.

Security Assessing and Hardening

Are you in need to have your network, end points and security devices securely setup? Installing antivirus software is not going to help you completely. You need to put measures in place to stop hackers from getting in.

By utilizing security frameworks such as CIS Top 18 and NIST CSF, we can work with you and show you   what needs to be done on your devices to be as securely tight as possible. We can help set this up with Windows servers, Windows clients, Linux servers.

We will also work with you and help implement the CIS Top 18 Controls. These controls will help you take control of your hardware and software assets, help setup logging and analysis of your network, review your malware defenses, help with data protection and boundary defense plush much more.