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INTRICACY plus SECURITY equals Reliability


What we offer our customers

Penetration Testing

In order for you to know that your network is secure, you need to come at it from an adversarial side. We take that side by hitting your defenses and utilize threat actor techniques. We will work with you by supplying a full report of our findings and how to fix those findings.

Incident Response

No matter how secure your network can be, there is always a chance you can be breached. We can come in and help find the cause of the breach by either reviewing network and security logs or if logs are not available, insert a device to start capturing new data.

Security Monitoring

To really help protect your network you can’t always rely on software that secures you in the background. Reviewing network and security logs is crucial to help prevent things that can get pass your defenses. We can help by working with you to understand your network and help monitor it.

Security hardening

Are you in need to have your network, end points and security devices securely setup? Installing anti-virus software is not going to help you completely. You need to put measures in place to stop hackers from getting in.

About Intricate Security

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You want your network to be secured.
We can help with that.

We help clients protect their organizations from complex and evolving cyber threats. Our objective is to gain a strong understanding of the client’s needs, culture and environment, and apply this information to our comprehensive technical tool set when choosing services, methodologies, and processes.

Penetration Testing

Cloud Security

Security Monitoring

Incident Response

OUR Team

Eric Vanderveer

Owner/Lead Consultant

Eric has been in the Information Technology field for 20 years and Security for over 5 years.  He currently is a volunteer member of the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps that helps the State of Michigan with any security breaches.

Hollie Witherspoon


Hollie has joined the team to help with the expansion of the business.  She currently is in training in the security field and is excited to learn so that she can contribute to our services.

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