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What to expect with a Penetration Test

Penetration Test


A penetration test is a process used to assess the security of a network, web application, api or mobile application. It involves probing the target’s defenses and attempting to achieve unauthorized access. The goal is to determine vulnerabilities and pinpoint weaknesses in order to improve the overall security posture of your company’s systems.

These tests can be conducted manually or automated, and may even be performed by both human testers and bots at the same time. If you’re considering hiring someone else do your penetration testing for you, here are some things you can expect from our team:

The Approach

The first step in any penetration test is to get an overview of what you’re going to be testing. This includes the scope, goals and process.

  • Scope: The scope of a penetration test is everything that can be tested during the time period provided for your project. For example, if you have systems that are legacy and quite fragile you may not want to have them tested, these are things which could potentially be included in your scope document when defining what needs to be tested or not to be tested.
  • Goals: Your goal should always be clear and directly linked with your needs as well as your budget constraints (if there are any). It shouldn’t take too long to define what the goals are because once you’ve agreed on them then they should help guide all future decisions that need making during each phase of work (including choosing our tools/methods).

The Test

When a pen-test is performed, our team of security professionals will start working with your organization. We will perform our tests against your systems and in a controlled environment. The people performing these pen-tests will understand how the systems work, as well as what vulnerabilities exist within those systems. This allows them to identify areas where your organization is vulnerable and make recommendations for how you can improve it.

The Result

After the penetration test, you will receive a report that details whether or not the security of your system is strong enough. If there are any vulnerabilities found in your system, they will be listed along with recommendations on how to fix them. The report will also outline ways to improve your security in order to prevent similar issues in the future.

A penetration test can show you exactly where your security is weak and help you address potential problems before they become real issues for your company or organization.

You can expect a great result from your penetration test.

You can expect a great result from your penetration test. It’s designed to find vulnerabilities and it should be able to identify most of them, no matter how they’re hidden or disguised. A good penetration test will give you a good idea of how to fix the vulnerabilities as well, so you can put in place appropriate controls that will prevent future attacks.

A successful penetration test is invaluable when it comes to gaining confidence that your security controls are working as intended and keeping out anyone who might try to exploit them for malicious purposes.


Penetration testing is a great way for you to ensure the security of your business. The results that come back from these tests can help you identify the weaknesses in your network and systems so that they can be fixed before hackers have a chance at exploiting them. It is important not only to run these tests regularly but also to have someone who understands them well enough to interpret what was found during each one.

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