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How to handle an Incident Response

Effective Strategies to Handle an Incident Response with Confidence Introduction: Handling an incident response effectively is crucial for mitigating cybersecurity threats promptly. Discover essential steps to create a comprehensive plan, establish a capable team, develop a detailed timeline, and provide thorough training to handle incidents with confidence.   Prepare for the worst: Handling an Incident Response… Read More »How to handle an Incident Response

security plan

Building a Cyber Security Plan should not be hard

Let’s be honest, unless you are hired to be a Security Officer for a company, creating a cyber security plan is not your main priority. Well, in this day in age, I would rethink your strategy and embrace cyber security as a common practice for any business, small or large.

All your Base64 are belong to us

As a security professional, I find myself doing more malware removal from websites that are run using either WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Most of what I find are php files that are riddled with base64 code. This code is great for threat actors to hide their invasive malware from malware scanners. I want to show you how to find this code and show what is hidden in your php files.