Incident Response Workshop gaining valuable insights into incident response and strengthening your security preparedness.

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Easy and Fun Learning Experience

An incident response table-top exercise is essential for organizations to proactively prepare and improve their response capabilities in the face of security incidents. By simulating realistic scenarios in a controlled environment, it allows participants to assess their response plans, identify weaknesses, and enhance coordination among key stakeholders.

This exercise fosters collaboration, improves communication, and helps organizations identify gaps in their security posture, ultimately enabling them to build confidence, enhance preparedness, and minimize the impact of actual incidents when they occur.

In this workshop, we will be conducting a table-top incident response exercise utilizing the popular game, “Backdoors and Breaches” developed by Black Hills Security.

Assess and enhance your incident response capabilities

By simulating realistic security incidents, participants can identify strengths and weaknesses in their response plans, policies, and procedures. This exercise helps organizations refine their incident response strategies and improve their overall readiness.

Foster collaboration and communication

Table-top exercises bring together cross-functional teams and stakeholders involved in incident response. By working together in a simulated scenario, participants can better understand each other's roles, responsibilities, and perspectives. This collaboration enhances communication and coordination, enabling a more effective response when a real incident occurs.

Identify gaps and vulnerabilities

The exercise highlights vulnerabilities and gaps in an organization's security posture. By actively discussing and analyzing different scenarios, participants can identify potential weaknesses in their infrastructure, processes, or personnel. This knowledge allows organizations to proactively address these gaps and strengthen their security measures.

Build confidence and preparedness

Going through a table-top exercise builds confidence among participants by providing practical experience in handling security incidents. By practicing their responses in a controlled setting, individuals and teams become better prepared to handle real-world incidents with a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Meet your Incident Response Master

Backdoors and Breaches by Black Hills Information Security, often described as “cybersecurity meets Dungeons and Dragons,” is an immersive game where players engage in a collaborative role-playing experience, employing strategic thinking and problem-solving to respond to simulated cyber threats, just like in the popular tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons.

Eric Vanderveer

Eric has been in cyber security for over 6 years and has been a systems administrator for 20 years.  He is currently the owner of Intricate Security and has clients in many different areas ranging from finance to Department of Defense contractors.  He is also a volunteer incident response for the State of Michigan under the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps.

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